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About the Nerdy Turnip Farm Crew

Nerdy Turnip Farm is run by first generation farmers, Sam and Caleb Monohon. It was established in 2022 and will have its first growing season in 2023!


Farmer Sam

Sam’s interest in plants came from a background in plant biology and soil microbiology. She’s fascinated by all that plants & their microscopic soil friends can do for themselves, for the Earth and for us. Her curiosity in the sciences, love of good food and a yearning to connect with her community, pushed her into the world of farming. She bounced around from the field, to the lab, to the classroom, teaching and learning along the way. Her journey ultimately led her to the goal of creating a life and a career out of vegetable farming. Sam farms with a great enthusiasm and deep appreciation for the plants, the land and of course, the food (particularly her favorite vegetable, turnips)!


Caleb has a day job as a project manager, and loves working on the farm in his spare time. He brings nerdiness to the farm from areas outside of plants and soil, with a love of board games and music. Caleb is the property manager of the farm, always building or fixing something on the property. He started out with legos, progressed to building his own tiny house, and now enjoys building and maintaining the infrastructure of the farm. 


Frankie & Emmett

The newest members of the farm family: Emmett and Frankie. These two haven’t shown much interest in the family business, yet, but we’re staying hopeful :] We do think they are looking forward to the vegetables they’ll get to eat this summer!


Barley can usually be found napping in the sun, eating turnips or running around trying to meet new friends. Although he’s been told repeatedly that we are a no-dig farm, he continues to dig holes whenever the farm crew is distracted. 

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